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What does Meryl Streep have in common with a Nurse Case Manager?

The twitter world exploded last night when Meryl Streep took the stage at the Golden Glob Awards last night. Instead of giving an acceptance speech for her award, she choose to spend the 6 minutes going after Donald Trump. She isn't the first celebrity to go after Trump in the media, however she is the latest.

Meryl's critique was interesting as it made me think of the wonderful folks in our profession. Meryl would probably never compare her work to the critical support provided by case managers and social workers, but the comparison crossed my mind in a rather abstract fashion. So you are still wondering what Meryl Streep's rant on Donald have to do with a Nurse Case Manager I am sure. Well, rather than take Trump to task for the list of things celebs have come after him for, Streep takes him to task for mocking a disabled reporter recently. It showed poor taste no doubt, but it was interesting that Streep showed compassion for someone who she felt didn't have the means or status to defend themselves. This is what Case Managers and Social Workers do daily. Advocate for the well-being of another person who can't adequately defend themselves or fight on their own behalf. While this isn't a political blog and we are not endorsing or slamming Trump, it was interesting to see someone stand up for the disabled in such a public platform. This doesn't come close to work that our Case Managers and Social Workers do daily without fan fare, but it was still appreciated by the reporter and his family I am sure and advocates like us.

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