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The Demand for Care Coordinators grow!

With the growth of patients who are 65 years of age and older, the demand for care coordinators are growing at a rapid pace specifically in health care facilities. Dr. Grace Chen, a geriatrician at the UCLA Health System in Los Angeles, reported that there were a number of senior patients who are confused and unable to coordinate their own care. She would often assist patients in nonclinical care, which would take up a lot of time each week. This changed when the UCLA Health System started to hire care coordinators to work alongside physicians with patients at their facility in 2012. Care coordinators were able effectively communicate with patients and find solutions to help patients with nonclinical problems that have prevented them from receiving the care they need including providing them with transportation to and from appointments. With the hire of care coordinators in Ca, physicians are now able to solely focus on clinical care. The demand for care coordinators have been growing at a rapid pace as health care facilities are looking to hire experienced care managers who are able to help better coordinate care, specifically for patients discharged from the hospital and patients at high risk of being hospitalized.

Organizations are turning to firms like Care Navigators on Demand to meet this need with a ready labor pool of experienced and fully vetted RN Case Managers. Hospitals and post acute providers are able to reduce cost of hire, time to fill and bring on staff that they can evaluate before making a permanent offer. Often the pricing being fully loaded with statutory benefits and workers comp built are often comparable to bringing on a fully loaded employee that may or not work out. RN Case Managers and Care Coordinators are able to connect with premier healthcare organizations efficiently through Care Navigators On Demand's connections throughout California. As the demand for clinicians grow, we expect the demand for staffing support to grow along with it.

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