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“Need for Case Managers Rises with the ACO Boom”

As a result of financial incentives provided by the Affordable Care Act, the expansion of accountable care organizations (ACOs) has created greater opportunities in case management due to the increased demand for case managers. According to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the purpose of ACOs “…is to provide high-quality care meeting specified Medicare quality targets, and to share in any savings they can generate for Medicare.” Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for ACOs to hire case managers to help guide patients towards better health solutions. One of the most challenging tasks for ACOs is to find experienced case managers who look outside the traditional method of case management and provide a creative outlook on the patient’s health as a whole. For example, instead of focusing on looking for a skilled nursing home for the patient, ACOs are looking for case managers who are able to use creative solutions to provide better care. The demand for case managers have increased so greatly that ACOs are having staffing problems simply because there aren’t enough case managers for hire. Additionally, Spanish speaking case managers are greatly in demand because of the high percentage of Spanish speaking patients in the United States. It is even recommended that case managers take Spanish courses to help provide better care.

Care Management On Demand helps bridge the gap between a scarce pool of RN Case Managers and these emerging organizations who desperately need these services. Organizations would have the opportunity to tap into a fully screened, experienced labor pool that could provide impact immediately. The added benefit of being able to try out the staff prior to making a permanent commitment is also attractive.

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