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Assisted Living

The Right Interim Solution to Meet your Needs

Care Navigators On Demand provides the insight, expertise, and knowledge to keep your organization on the right path while you are in transition. Managing the daily operations of your organization is demanding.  Having a vacant leadership position affects quality, outcomes, and impacts the financial health of your organization.  Furthering operations, monitoring clinical outcomes, educating staff, and ensuring reimbursement is on the right track can be challenging when a key position is vacant – Let Care Navigators On Demand assist you by providing you with an interim staff member or by filling a permanent position.

We provide the following interim management professionals:

  • Housing Manager/Administrator

  • Clinical Director

  • Corporate Clinical Director

  • Corporate Operations Director

  • Dietition

Interim Solution

If you have a management position that will be vacant, are currently conducting a search for a new leader, or need someone to fill a key position due to vacation or medical leave, we invite you to consider the benefits of utilizing an Interim Professional through Care Navigators On Demand. Our interim professional will provide you with an objective and unbiased executive assessment of your operational and clinical strengths and opportunities.

Our Experience

Our consultants have unsurpassed industry experience. They are all licensed and knowledgeable of state-specific regulations. With the depth of knowledge our consultants possess, you can’t go wrong with a Care Navigators On Demand Professional.

Your Access

When you have a Care Navigators On Demand Professional in your building, you don’t just get one person. You get all the resources that Care Navigators On Demand has to offer. From Policy and Procedures, operational protocols, and manuals to reimbursement resources and education, Care Navigators On Demand is your full-service partner.

Your Care Navigators On Demand Interim is:

  • Licensed and fully experienced to fill a sudden vacancy at a moment’s notice

  • An expert to maintain and recommend organizational efficiencies and provide a steady, calming presence

  • Flexible to work only as long as you have the need

  • Able to access to Care Navigators On Demand’s proven tools and resources

  • Affordable

  • A non-contracted employee, fully supported by the Care Navigators On Demand

  • Recommended and endorsed by other satisfied clients

Ensure that your organization has the leadership it needs during transition. For more information, fill out the Contact Us form or call us at 888.770.5014 to speak with a consultant.

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